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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My first Android app after a year

Scratchpad completes one year on google play store today. The Scratchpad is my first mobile app. I developed it during my last winter vacation. I took total of 5 days to learn (Android app development) and develop this app. This is a very very simple drawing app (similar to mspaint), no fancy features.

In this blog post, I am posting download statistics over the year. These data might be helpful to other Android newbie developers. The images below are screenshots from the android developer console.

Total downloads stat:

The total number of downloads are not much. But this is not bad at all if I consider the fact that this is my first app, total time I spent to develop this app and features provided by this app.

Active device install stat over the year:

Initially number of downloads per day were very small.  In fact, there was no download in initial few days. Then I posted about this app on reddit (/r/androidapps), then people started downloading it.

Active device install by Android version:

The Android version 2.3 is at top for productivity app but the Scratchpad is available only for Android version 3.0 and higher.

Active device install by country:

The United States is at the top of this list. This is an interesting data. I am finding similar statistics for my iPad app (Lekh Diagram, a sketch recognition app for iPad). Even for the Lekh Diagram, more than 50% downloads are from US